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[11:24] robmunroe: I was thinking about Bat Dance when I was watching last night
  - Rob comparing 'The Dark Knight' to Tim Burton's 'Batman'
February 9, 2009

[12:12] <@Rob> I'm down for anyting except chinese
[12:12] <+er> 35% of the women you found attractive are Asian.
May 7, 2004

[11:28 AM] <Rob> I'll get rid of stormy.pm
[11:28 AM] <er> <stormy> Holy bejeezus!
January 9, 2004

[11:15] <bhousel> she looks like she got beat up for being ugly
  - Bryan in reference to Alicia Witt
September 15, 2003

[14:48] <@oliver> but for a precious few moments, my brain was exposed to don and rick bantering about their stupid vaction experiences
[14:48] <@oliver> vacation
[14:49] <bhousel> [14:48] <oliver> but for a precious few moments, ... i ...s ex...ed ... don and rick ...
  - Oliver & Bryan
July 28, 2003

  - Ray in response to me sarcastically asking, "You gonna see 'Triple X'?"

Something is wrong with that boy.

May 15, 2002

"Now there's a movie they can't mess up."
  - Ray on the movie, "Scooby Doo".

And he was serious.

I'm not kidding.

May 15, 2002

"The police department 'properly disposed' of the semen, but declined to say how."
  - The Daily Southtown

May 1, 2002

"Those guys are gay. I know they're gay."
  - My Boss on the System Admin
chasing the CIO accross the office.

April 26, 2002

"Either you die, go insane or you quit. My son died."
  - Elizabeth Woolley

Retarded mother of a retarded son

"Some people take office supplies, others take eyes."
  - ZatoJones

"They should give us our bonuses in December so we can splooge on our families."
  - Rob

February 13, 2002

"That dude really pissed me off not knowing who it was becasue it could have been some sicko, especially with my username, but now that he's gone I'm kinda sad."
  - Linda

January 16, 2002

"Some of us strive to be bad in real life."
  - MM

What a retard.